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Sports are a great way to clear your mind, challenge each other and have fun. At IG&H, employees engage in a variety of sports together. For example, we have a soccer team and a cycle racing group. And we frequently participate in sports events. Examples include the Coast to Coast race in Scotland and the triathlon in Portugal.

Co-workers often work out together as well. To facilitate this, we’re building a gym in our new Utrecht office. Besides sports activities, creativity can be a source of relaxation. For music lovers, we have an IG&H band that regularly performs at company events.



Don’t expect exact replicas of the original versions: charged with energy, we put our own spin on each song.

Frank Olde Hartman - Director, Pensions


Frank Olde Hartman

Director, Pensions

Could you tell us about IG&H's band?

The band members are all employees at IG&H. We perform at company events. To us, it is about having fun and making music together. The band’s name, Hondius Revelation, refers to our office in Utrecht and the moment we discovered there are so many musicians and hidden talents at IG&H – it was quite revelatory.

  • What kind of music do you play?

    We want to create a nice evening for our co-workers and ourselves, playing a variety of genres: from pop to rock and from soul to blues. We only play cover songs and music we all enjoy. Don’t expect exact replicas of the original versions: charged with energy, we put our own spin on each song. Everything is live, so if it goes wrong, it goes wrong. And it’s very cool when the audience gives off a good vibe and seems to enjoy it. 

  • What is the band's philosophy?

    We believe the band helps eliminate silos that could otherwise arise across teams. It embodies the concept of smart collaboration. Nearly all IG&H teams are represented in our band: co-workers with various areas of expertise who are from different countries. What’s great is that the band demonstrates the power of diversity. Since last year, for example, we have wind instrument players in the band. Their distinct instruments create a different harmony.

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