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At IG&H we love a good party. Our yearly company events, FIT and Outlook, are ideal for celebrating successes and facilitating camaraderie. Both events offer content-oriented and social programs and revolve around a certain theme. 
The FIT event focuses on Fun, Inspiration, and Training. Outlook, on the other hand, is about looking back, celebrating successes, and dwelling on the new year. Attending these events together strengthens relationships. The content-oriented program establishes a common language, while the evening program encourages employees to spend time with each other outside a business context, fostering friendships between them. 

FIT &Outlook

IG&H organizes various initiatives that help us develop our shared culture on a continuous basis.

Derk Bouwman - Consultant, Retail


Derk Bouwman

Consultant, Retail

What do you like most about working at IG&H?

One of the great things about working at IG&H is that you get to build relationships with your co-workers. As a consultant, you usually spend four days a week working with your project team at the client’s location. This makes it easy to connect with co-workers in your project team. Getting to know other co-workers is less obvious. 

How does IG&H facilitate connecting with your co-workers?

We make it a priority to be at IG&H’s office on Fridays. And IG&H organizes various initiatives, such as FIT and Outlook, that help us develop our shared culture on a continuous basis and keep each other up to date on important organizational matters. These events are always organized by a group of employees. 

How we put people first