It’s important to show appreciation for outstanding achievements. We like to nominate heroes and shine a spotlight on them during our company events. A partner expresses appreciation for these employees and explains their special achievement, which may or may not be work related. For example, we believe a special sports achievement, such as running a marathon, is quite the accomplishment and should therefore be highlighted, too.

Year-end gift

IG&H grows rapidly. At times, this means everybody should roll up their sleeves and go the extra mile. That’s something we don’t want to take for granted. Not only do we thank our employees for their commitment on the spot, we also pay extra attention to their efforts at the end of the year. It’s become a tradition to present them with a year-end gift that matches that year’s commitment and business.  

Thumbs up

Employees can also easily praise each other at any time by clicking a ‘thumbs up’ icon in our feedback-exchange tool, Impraise. If they want to, they can also add a personal message. This year alone, more than 500 ‘praises’ have been exchanged. What better way to boost motivation than an unexpected yet well-deserved compliment from a co-worker?