Open communication

Open communication, trust, and transparency are important to us. We make it a priority to meet each other whenever possible. Our open-office design maximizes approachability and transparency. As we have offices in different countries, we frequently work together remotely. Conference call facilities and Microsoft Teams enable co-workers in all locations to connect and communicate in a smooth way. Every Friday, employees tune in for our Business Update. This event is hosted by one of the partners, who gives everyone a quick update on the business, our people, and what’s new.


Open communication is reflected in our remuneration policy as well. The salary structure and fringe benefits are transparent to everyone at IG&H. In addition to their fixed salary, our employees receive a profit-sharing payment once a year. The amount depends on IG&H’s results. You’re sure to stay abreast, though. Once a month, during our Business Update, we share the organization’s financials with everyone. The salary structure is inextricably linked to our philosophy of continuous growth and development. If you’re looking for a nice salary raise, there’s no need to switch jobs.

Back in the day, I had this idea that consultancy was dominated by a sales culture, and we’d be perceived as IT nerds. But once I started collaborating with my co-workers, I discovered how inaccurate that picture was.

Martin Rozeboom - Developer, Platform Services


Baishali Deb

Developer, Platform Services

Can you tell us something about yourself?

I’m a member of the Platform Services Team. Before I moved to the Netherlands, I worked as a consultant in Doha, Qatar. It’s always rewarding to relocate to another country when it offers more favorable career opportunities and a better quality of life, but sometimes, it can be tricky, too.

  • What is it like to be an expat at IG&H?

    As an expat of Indian origin, I was curious to see how my personality and skills would fit into the professional, global atmosphere at IG&H. Having been with IG&H for a year, I can say I like the warm organizational culture. I’ve been able to connect with my co-workers, even though I’m still learning Dutch. My co-workers and IG&H’s management are extremely warm and welcoming. If you ask me, it instills the utmost confidence and comfort in an expat who tries to settle down in a new place.

  • Diversity & fun

    You can really feel the management’s energy and drive to make IG&H a more diverse and fun place to work. As for me, I feel like this was the best time in my career to join IG&H. The company is making progressive steps to go global in terms of business and clientele growth. 

  • Make connections

    My co-workers are very approachable. IG&H also facilitates communication by organizing inspiring events. The last one was extremely refreshing for me: it allowed me to connect with so many co-workers from different backgrounds, both in terms of culture and skillset. An event like that is the perfect platform to make connections which are often missing in large organizations. 


Martin Rozeboom

Developer, Platform Services

What’s your job like?

I’m a developer in the Platform Services Team. Right now, I’m working on a project for a large insurance company’s Income Insurance Department. The old system ran too slowly, so the client wanted to realize process renewal and acceleration – both for policy holders and employees who work with the system. That’s why we’re developing a customer portal that will make the process more user friendly.

  • If you were to describe the Platform Services Team in a few sentences, what would you say?

    I think we are a pretty social, outgoing, close-knit team. Compared to our co-workers who are consultants, we might be a bit more relaxed. Back in the day, I had this idea that consultancy was dominated by a sales culture, and we’d be perceived as IT nerds. But once I started interacting and collaborating with my co-workers, I discovered how inaccurate that picture was.

  • What do you like most about your job?

    What’s really nice about being a developer is that you encounter so many different companies in a variety of sectors. You learn from everything. Some of my co-workers work on long-term projects. Obviously, it’s a matter of preference, but I wouldn’t like that – what’s great about my job is that I usually work on a project for a year at the most, after which I can go on to the next challenge.